Terms & conditions (Bus)

The purchase of a North America bus tour package constitutes a contractual agreement and implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. Therefore, please make sure you have carefully read and understood these Terms and Conditions before making your reservations.    


People are considered fully vaccinated*: 

2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

Is considered acceptable to participate the trip of GCC.


Grand Century Cruises Inc (GCC) has put forth all necessary efforts in order to ensure that, at the time of publication, all descriptions on our site or on the papers are true and accurate. For several reasons out of our control, modifications may occur from time to time. These changes will be duly noted and our website will be updated accordingly on a regular basis. It is consumers’ responsibility to check if these changes in the services reserved have been applied, by consulting either our site regularly or your travel agent.


All fares are per guest in US Dollars unless indicated otherwise. Prices are valid on the date of publication in our document, and are subject to change without notice. GCC reserves the right to increase or decrease published prices. Several factors may influence the fares, including, but not limited to, an increase in the cost of aviation fuel, transportation taxes and various amended government taxes. Such charges may be included in a travel service price or shown as an additional amount, depending on the destination.


These Terms and Conditions are deemed accepted when the reservation is completed. All deposits or full payment shall be made by check, debit card, credit card or cash before it can be confirmed.   

Unless indicated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions, all amounts are per person. The deposit for reservation or the full payment is neither refundable, nor exchangeable, nor transferable.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, checks made payable to “Grand Century Cruises Inc.” are all acceptable forms of payments. 

GCC reserves the right to cancel your booking if your payment is declined by the bank, and a certified check or a bank draft is required with a penalty of US$50. Please note that a penalty of 10% of the amount paid will be applied if any modification of payment method is made provided that you are still eligible for the trip. 

Booking a Reservation: When booking any travel or tour package with us, we will ask for your name, home & billing address, telephone number, email address, payment details, birth date, gender, emergency contact details, passport information, frequent flyer information, meal and other travel preferences or dietary requirements and any medical information related to your reservation. We will need to collect this information in order to arrange the travel and other services you are requesting. 

All reservations with GCC confirm that travelers have read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions. Should they have any questions to the terms hereinbelow, they are strongly suggested to contact GCC for detailed information prior to booking the trip. Our customer service representative will be pleased to provide answers to all questions. GCC reserves the rights of final interpretation to all the published information, terms and policies. 

1). Minimum of 30 travelers required for trip departure and GCC reserves the right to cancel any trip if the minimum requirement is not met. Full payment will be refunded if cancellation is made by GCC. 

2). Description and trip limitations base on the brochure/itinerary of GCC has been read and understood prior to booking the trip. 

3). Package price includes tour guide (speak English & Mandarin), transportation by coach, hotel (if applicable), applicable tax. 

4). Package price excludes tips for the bus driver and tour guide, entrance fees for visits, meals, insurance, personal expenses and flight tickets (if applicable) 

5). Admission tickets bought through sellers other than GCC(e.g. City Pass) are not applicable to trips organized by GCC. 

6). For trips which requires additional air tickets, transportation, hotel or any other reservations, travelers shall be responsible for contacting GCC to confirm the departure prior to any additional purchase. 

7). For infants traveling with GCC (under age of 2): a) Within USA/Canada: Infants who do not occupy a seat on the bus and are handheld throughout the duration of the trip will not need to pay for the package price but the tips for the bus driver and the tour guide will be charged b) Within USA/Canada: Infants occupy a seat on the bus and pay package price in full; tips will be charged accordingly. 

8). Travelers with children may be required to present other documents. It is their responsibility to ensure that they have the documents in hand prior to departure. Travelers failing to provide required documents may be denied boarding privileges by relevant authorities. Under such circumstances, travelers have no right of recourse or refund. Guests who are less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and booked in a room with someone who is 21 years of age or older. 

9). No refund or replacement will be given for lost or stolen travel documents


1). Full payments required at booking for trips that is 7 Days or less. 

2). The deposit is $200 per person for trips 8 days or more (walk in clients only). The deposit is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable under any circumstance. 

3). All Balances must be paid 30 days or more prior to departure date for trips 8 days or more without air ticket; 60 days or more prior to departure date for trips with air ticket included. If the balance is not completed before deadline, GCC trip reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the full amount of the initial deposit.


Once the order is confirmed, any changes regarding a confirmed order, such as modification of dates or destinations, or cancellation, will be charged accordingly by the modification and cancellation policy. Any changes of the personal information cannot be accepted within 24 hours of departure. Any cancellation of confirmed orders by the traveler will be charged accordingly by the modification and cancellation policy. The assessed fees will be used to cover the penalties charged by traveling agencies and hotel suppliers to GCC. The amount of the penalties is related to the time when we receive the cancellation notice. All cancellation notices or modification of orders must be made in writing via email or webpage email to GCC Bus tour directly.


a) 31 days or more prior to departure date: 10% of total price will be applied as administrative fees. The remains will be refunded;

b) From 15 to 30 days prior to departure date: 30% of total price will be applied as administrative fees. The remains will be refunded;

c) From 8 to 14 days prior to departure date: 60% of total price will be applied as administrative fees. The remains will be refunded; 

d) 7 days or less prior to departure date: impossible to modify the itinerary or receive reimbursement; 

e) Should the traveler fail to show up on time on the departure date regardless of any reasons, the entire travel package is non-refundable, non-changeable, non-transferable. 


1). Changing itinerary or departure date (ALL REQUESTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY) a) Written request is necessary to send to GCC; 

b) The difference must be paid at the time of modification; 

c) 31 days or more prior to departure date: no administrative fees; 

d) From 15 to 30 days prior to departure date 30% of total price will be applied as administrative fees; 

e) From 8 to 14 days prior to departure date 50% of total price will be applied as administrative fees; 

f) 7 days or less prior to departure date: impossible to modify the itinerary or receive reimbursement; 

g) Trips for 8 days or more: Written request is necessary at least 45 days prior to departure date. 30% of total price will be applied as administrative fees. 

2). Changing number of traveler(s) requested by customers (ALL REQUESTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY) 

a) Increasing numbers of traveler(s): complete the difference of package price; 

b) Decreasing numbers of traveler(s): . 15 days or more prior to departure date: 30% of total price will be applied as administrative fees; . 8 days to 14 days prior to departure date: 50% of total price will be applied as administrative fees. 

c) 7 days or less prior to departure date: impossible to modify the itinerary and the departure date, or receive reimbursement; 

d) Trips for 8 days or more: Written request is necessary at least 45 days prior to departure date. 20% of total price will be applied as administrative fees. 

3). No modification is acceptable 60 days or less before departure for package with air ticket. The total amount will be refunded if GCC initiates changes on itinerary or departure date and such changes are refused by the clients. Please note: No refund request will be accepted later than 30 days after completion of travel. The Above Cancellation and modification policies do not apply to special sales and final sales and trips which require payment in advance for entrance fees (including, but not limited to, sales on partners’ web site such as Groupon, Travelzoo, etc.) 

a)Promotion sales, special sales and final sales require full payment at the time of booking; 

b)Once booked, it is impossible to change the itinerary and the departure date, or get refund if the customer cancels the trip; 

c) Changing the number of traveler(s) requested by customers: 

. Increasing numbers of traveler(s): complete the additional cost provided that it is still available. 

. Decreasing numbers of traveler(s): no refund.


Foreign transaction fees are charge by credit card companies on purchase made in a foreign currency, or on purchase that involve a foreign bank (regardless of whether a foreign currency is used). Usually, foreign transaction fees are percentage of the amount of each foreign currency purchase, with no minimum or maximum. Sometimes this fee is called a foreign exchange fee. It once was called a currency conversion fee. Foreign transaction fees are charge by U.S. transaction processors such as Visa and Master card. The card issuing back may choose to pass that fee along to consumers; most do, and some tack on their own fees. GCC takes no responsibility for foreign transaction fee and/or currency conversion fee.


1). Each room contains one or two double beds in all hotels in North America 

2). Each room allows only 4 people in maximum in North America (children counted). It is not allowed to add an extra bed. An additional amount must be paid according to the hotel policy if travelers insist on making such an addition


The seats on bus are generally arranged based on the order of reservation. If travelers have special requirement, they may pay fees to choose seats on bus in advance (applicable only for bus tours in North American, payment should be settled 3 days before departure. Please contact us for more information). 

The prices for the first three rows are: 

1). Trips of 1 day: $10 per person; 

2). Trips of 2 days: $20 per person; 

3). Trips of 3-4 days: $30 per person; 

4). Trips of 5-7 days: $50 per person; 

5). Trips of 8-10 days: $70 per person. 

6). Trips of 11 days or more: $100 per person.


1). If travelers arrive late or are absent on the day of departure for any reason, their entire travel package is not refundable, not changeable, not transferable. 

2). If travelers fail to comply with the indication of the guide to gather at a meeting point in time during the trip, they shall be responsible for all and/or any additional costs and incurred damage. 

3). GCC disclaims all and/or any responsibility for the consequences caused by travelers if they withdraw themselves from the group during the trip. 

4). If travelers fail show up at the agreed place and/or time during the trip, they shall be responsible for all and/or any additional costs and the missed itinerary cannot be recourse or refunded. 

5). All seats on the bus are arranged by the tour guide of GCC, if travelers do not show up, GCC and the tour guide shall have the right to occupy their seats for other uses.


According to the laws and the principles adopted in USA and Canada, the force majeure may include but not limited to what happened during the journey: the unpredictable, irresistible, uncontrollable, and unable to cope with the unexpected events and circumstances occurring or will occur as follows: 

1). Natural disasters such as typhoons, hail, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides; 

2). Government actions such as expropriation, requisition; 

3). Abnormal social events, such as wars, armed conflicts, strikes, riots and terrorist attacks.


1). GCC does not accept any responsibility or liability for all and/or any loss resulting from force majeure or a trip without insurance. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST OUR TRAVELERS TO PURCHASE PERSONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE. 

GCC reserves all rights, while respecting the program, to cancel or change the order of visits without notice depending on the customs formalities, weather and traffic, time changing or the closing day of trip sites, etc. The tickets prices and meals can be changed according to the season without notice. 

2). It is travelers’ full responsibility and at their costs to obtain all documents required by relevant authorities. It is their responsibility to ensure the possession of all and/or any travel documents required by North America, Europe and any other third countries to their destination as well as to return to their country of origin. GCC accepts no responsibility for any losses caused by the refusal of visa or travel documents for countries of destination or connection (as a result of criminal records or other issues), or any customs problems. 

3). For international trips, valid passport (valid for 6 months after the return date) and valid visas are required. GCC accepts no liability for customs delay. GCC does not endorse any considerable delays at customs because of personal mistakes made by travelers themselves. Travelers will be obliged to leave the group from the border and assume their own return expenses.


It is customary to give your trip gratuities, subject to your satisfaction with services rendered. Gratuities on bus and on land (Tour guide & bus driver) are not included in your full North America bus packages tours (US$12/per day per person)


GCC is not responsible for omissions, printing and/or presentation errors in brochures, on Internet sites, or in any other media where such information may be presented; we reserve the right to make corrections as required.


For the comfort of all our Guests, Smoking is not permitted on motor-coaches or in your hotel(cabin) room, this policy applies to all forms of smoking materials including vapor e-cigarettes. Otherwise, you will be penalized up to US$350 cleaning fee plus hotel losses.

18. PETS

Pets are not permitted on our North America bus tours.


At destination, consumers shall contact a GCC representative immediately to get assistance and to remedy any problem without delay, whenever such a problem can be reasonably remedied. In the event that a problem cannot be solved or dealt with immediately, consumers are requested to forward the specifics of the incident in writing to their travel agent within thirty (30) days of their return; otherwise, no action will be taken.


Grand Century Cruises Inc, as sales agent, is registered in California as a seller of travel. GCC’s seller of travel registration number is 2142480-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.


The payment of a deposit and/or the issuance of tickets or vouchers shall be deemed your consent to the terms and conditions as presented herein. It is specifically agreed that this agreement is entered into in Los Angeles County, California, and in the event any legal or equitable action is initiated concerning the interpretation, enforcement, or breach of any term, obligation, or duty as contained or related to these Terms and Conditions, the exclusive venue for such action shall be solely in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, Van Nuys District. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with California law without regard to conflicts of law principles. 

Reading and signing this agreement means that you agree and accept all the above terms and condition for GCC’s North America bus tour packages The present terms and conditions come into effect as of June 18, 2020