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  • Days 1

    Home - Reykjavik,Iceland

    Fly away from the airport of the departure city, on the plane.

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    2. Breakfast: None / Lunch : None / Dinner : None
    3. Flight
  • Days 2

    Reykjavik airport pick-up -- city tour

    After arriving in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland in the morning, we started to explore the beautiful city.
    【Hall Grims Cathedral】Iceland's largest cathedral - the highest point of the city, the Hall Grims Cathedral is a landmark building in Reykjavik. Its name comes from the 17th century Icelandic hymn poet Hadger Hallgrímur Pétursson. The appearance of the church is very unique, with a gradual trapezoid like a normal distribution, and there is a huge pipe organ inside.
    【Laugavegur main shopping street】 Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik and the surrounding alleys, is the most lively area in the capital. The neighborhood is full of boutique shops, from home design, clothing accessories, to outdoor supplies, souvenir shops, everything, and Many feature native Icelandic designs.
    【Sun Voyager】 There are many sculptures in Reykjavik, and Sun Voyager is probably the most famous one. Located on Sæbraut Road by the sea in Reykjavik, the sculpture is shaped like an ark and is "an ode to the sun, which contains expectations for distance, hope, pursuit, progress and freedom". The Sun Voyager sculpture, the winning entry in an outdoor art competition to commemorate Reykjavik's 200th anniversary, was designed by Jón Gunnar Árnason and unveiled in 1990. This uniquely designed piece of Icelandic modern art has gradually become a landmark in Reykjavik.
    【Old Port】The Old Port of Reykjavik is a quiet corner of the city center.
    【Blue Lagoon Hot Spring】We went to the Blue Lagoon Hot Spring. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the world's top health resort. The location of the Blue Lagoon is one of the most frequent areas of underground magma activity on the earth. This activity heats the Blue Lagoon. cause the water to evaporate. The water vapor heated by the lava flow near the ground is used to drive the turbine to generate electricity. The steam passing through the turbine becomes hot water, and the heat exchanger provides heat for the municipal hot water heating system. The lagoon area where Blue Lagoon baths and swims has an average water temperature of around 40°C, and the water is rich in minerals such as silicon and sulfur. Usually, after soaking in the hot springs in the Blue Lagoon, the skin of the whole body will feel tight, which is because silicon has the effect of skin care. If the water is good, you can also dive to dig out the white hot spring mud and apply it on your face and body.

    1. Grand Hotel Rakjavk or similar
    2. Breakfast: None / Lunch : Seafood Dishes / Dinner : None
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 3

    Golden Circle In - depth Tour (Thingvellir National Park-Geothermal Valley-Geyser-Golden Falls-Crater Lake)

    After breakfast, we are going to Iceland's most classic Golden Circle hinterland 【Thingvellir National Park】, which is also the most important tourist attraction in Iceland. Together with Geyser Geyser and Golden Falls, it forms the famous Golden Circle tourist route.
    【Geicher Geyser】 is a 50-minute drive from Thingvellir National Park. Along the way, you can clearly see that the volcanic geothermal activity is becoming more and more active. There are many steam holes along the way, and the town of Laugarvatn on the way gathers many geothermal scenes. In the town, there are hot springs directly heated by geothermal activity under the surface, as well as steam rooms directly above the bubbling hot springs, the temperature can reach 60 degrees. The geothermal activity in the Haukadalur Valley is more intense, and the steaming smoke can be seen from a distance. There are many hot springs, boiling mud pools, fumaroles in this area, hills and soils are colored with various minerals, and the scenery is strange and beautiful.
    【Golden Waterfall】The beauty of the Golden Waterfall is not only its splendor, but the rainbow intertwined by the waterfall's water and sunlight is an extremely beautiful spectacle. The majestic ice fields of the Langhe Glacier are nearby, nourishing the river from which the waterfalls originate. The river, called Hvítá, is the best place for rafting in southwest Iceland. Whether you're a novice or an expert, rafting tours offer you a joyous adventure that takes you across rapids and through ancient valleys full of geological wonders.
    【Kerið Crater Lake】Kerið Crater Lake. The crater is about 270 meters wide and more than 55 meters deep. There is also a 14-meter-deep lake at the bottom. The surrounding rocks are red and orange, beautiful and mysterious. The pretty town of Fluðir in the Icelandic countryside. The secret hot spring facilities are simple, retaining the purity and originality, surrounded by natural stones.

    1. Hotel South Coast Selfoss or similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : None / Dinner : None
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 4

    Vik Black Beach - Yaran Waterfall - Skoga Waterfall - Vik Town

    In the morning, after breakfast, we start today's fulfilling day, hiking on the glacier and exploring the black sand beach.
    【Vic Black Beach】The beauty of the basalt black sand beach is unique to Iceland, and the endless Reynis black sand beach is definitely the most beautiful one among them. The billowing white waves of the Atlantic Ocean create a dreamy color contrast with the dark volcanic sandstone, and the giant basalt columns standing in the waves stand out against the mysterious black sand beach.
    【Seljalandsfoss】 Seljalandsfoss is located on the south coast of Iceland, next to Iceland's No. 1 Ring Road, about 60 meters high. The most notable feature of Seljalandsfoss is that there is a walkable passage behind the water curtain. In winter, the rocks are also covered in ice and snow, as icicles often hang above the caves behind the water curtain. For safety reasons, this trail is usually not open.
    【Skogafoss】Located on the south coast of Iceland, Skógafoss is about 25 meters wide and 60 meters high. It is one of the largest and most prestigious waterfalls in Iceland. The abundant waterfalls arouse countless water splashes, and rainbows often hang high above the waterfalls under the sunlight, so it also has the reputation of "Rainbow Waterfall".

    1. Hótel Dyrhólaey vik or similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : None / Dinner : Lobster Soup dish
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 5

    Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður Glacier National Park (Blue Ice Cave optional )

    After breakfast in the morning, we will enter the 【Vatnajökull National Park】 adventure tour.
    【Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður Glacier National Park】The park is located in the southeastern part of Iceland. It is a typical volcanic area. Not only can you see gorgeous and fantastic scenery here, you can also see a variety of birds, arctic foxes and even reindeer, which is a good place to enjoy nature. If you are interested, you can join the blue ice cave exploration tour. We will take a snowmobile to the Ice cave in the 'visceral area' of Glacier National Park. Walking into the blue ice cave is like being in a crystal palace, and it is like walking into an alien planet to open Pandora's box.
    At night, stay at a hotel near the ice lake and look forward to the arrival of the aurora. Whether the aurora can appear is related to the season and weather. Usually, the aurora will appear from September to March of the next year. However, due to bad weather such as blizzards in winter, the aurora cannot be observed. In addition, the aurora usually It will not be seen in the city, because in the city with thousands of lights, the color of the aurora will be covered up.

    1. Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon or similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : None / Dinner : Hotel Dinner
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 6

    Jökulsárlón Ice Lake Cruise - Diamond Black Beach

    【Jegul Salon Glacier Lake】Participating in the amphibious boat tour, we can go deep into the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, feel the charming icebergs and lakes up close, and track the mysterious traces of seals in the lake. Best way. Seals are often seen in glacial lakes, some swimming in the lake, some playing on the shore, and some basking on the ice floes. In addition to the two 007 classic series "Die Another Day" and "Thunderbolt", the films completed in Jökulsárlón Ice Lake include the famous "Tomb Raider"; Batman: Mystery of Shadows, and 2014's Interstellar. You can experience boat tours here between May and October in the summer, using the same boat that was used in the movie "Tomb Raider". During the cruise, you can see the scenes appearing in the movie clips.
    【Diamond Black Beach】On the black beach opposite the ice lake, there are many ice stones stranded, and the sun shines with crystal light, hence the name Diamond Ice Beach.

    1. Hótel Dyrhólaey vik or similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : Local Dishes / Dinner : None
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 7

    Vik City - Reykjavik

    【Lava】From Reykjavik Central Meeting Point, drive to Raufarhólshellir Lava Tunnel, one of the largest and most popular tunnels in Iceland. Walk through the tunnels with a guide and learn about the volcanic processes that formed the tunnels thousands of years ago. The tunnel is of particular interest due to the beauty of its stalactites, whose many colors are illuminated by the sunlight at the entrance.
    【Moss Town】There are very few trees that grow naturally in Iceland, but the place where the trees should grow is covered with moss. The cooled magma stone and volcanic ash make it difficult for even grass to grow here, and the moss that has grown tenaciously for thousands of years is the protagonist of the Icelandic surface, and its footprints cover a quarter of Iceland's land. No matter on the rolling hillsides, on the barren volcanic rock ground, or even on the walls and tree trunks, there is a thick layer of moss growing everywhere. It became a pioneer in Iceland before the Icelanders.
    【Reykjavik Horse Riding】Ride a purebred Icelandic horse(Optional) to explore the Icelandic countryside, experience the local customs and customs, and enjoy the beautiful lava scenery. Ride leisurely on horseback trails and traverse lava landscapes. The lava landform area is a unique landform formed by the wild vegetation covered by magma after the volcanic eruption. It is like a river bank full of pebbles and gravel, dotted with boulders, which adds to its wild and primitive beauty. Locals love to find and identify rocks of different shapes and features while riding, and you can experience that too. Usually about 1 hour. After the end, we can taste various specialties in the food street in the city or buy some beloved gifts when parting.

    1. Grand Hotel Rakjavk or Similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : None / Dinner : Local Dinner
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 8

    Reykjavik - Snæfellsnes Peninsula - Stikisholmi Town

    【Church Mountain】is a uniquely shaped mountain found on the northern shore of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland, only a short distance from the town of Grundarfjörður. Due to its dramatic formation and perfect coastal location, it is often referred to as 'Iceland's most photographed mountain. The serene and well-located waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss, or 'Chapel Hill Falls' is a short walk from Kirkjufell, and for photographers, It's a great subject. Fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones will recognize Kirkjufell as the location for Game of Thrones season 7.
    【Budir Black Church】A pure black church, surrounded by magical volcanic landforms, sparsely populated. The small village was once an important site for industrial development in the west, and the church was first built in 1848 and rebuilt in 1987. In the Icelandic movie "Reykjavik 101", the Black Church is one of the filming locations. Although the Black Church is not a scenic spot, it is very photogenic and attracts many photography enthusiasts to shoot blockbusters. The rolling mountains and glaciers in the distance, the sea and lava fields nearby constitute a beautiful picture.

    1. Fosshótel stykkishólmur or similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : None / Dinner : None
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 9

    Snæfellsnes Peninsula - Reykjavik

    【Volcanic Cave Vatnshellir Cave】 The Vatnshellir Lava Cave (Vatnshellir), with a geological history of 8,000 years, has only been open to the public since 2011. Located 35 meters below the ground and running through about 200 meters, the Vatin Shelier cave was formed in a large volcanic eruption about 8,000 years ago. The caves are located within the Snæfellsnes National Park, just a 10-minute drive from the Hellnar Visitor Centre.
    【Londrangar】 As the aboriginal people of Icelandic waters, the number of seals is really not small. When visiting Iceland, you can often see cute seals playing in the water or on the beach. The beach of Ytri-Tunga Farm is a famous seal gathering place. Many seals live here. Animal lovers must not miss it. Here, you can enjoy the seals comfortably. The fat seals are very cute. If it is sunny, you can also admire their naive look on the beach basking in the sun.
    【Columnar Basalt Wall Gerðuberg】 Stretching for 1 km and reaching a height of 14 meters, the columnar basalt wall of Gerðuberg was formed under the influence of pure natural forces of volcanic activity, but its regular and symmetrical appearance makes people suspect that it is artificial Carved work. Nature's ingenious workmanship has shaped the stunning stone column walls. The design of the famous Reykjavik Cathedral is inspired by these magnificent basalt stones. You will feel the endless power of nature when you are there.
    【Arnastapi Stone Bridge】You can always see such a scene in the photos of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. A sea-eroded arch divides the picture in two, the sky and the sea are each half, and some people are still standing on the arch On, very photogenic. Although it is already well-known, this scenic spot does not actually have its own special name, and such a scene must be obtained from a special angle, so it is no wonder that many people cannot find it. This stone bridge is located in the small town of Arnastapi, close to the sea. The place marked Stone Bridge on the map is the Arnastapi Stone Bridge.

    1. Grand Hotel Rakjavk Or Similar
    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : Local Dishes / Dinner : None
    3. Luxury Commercial Bus
  • Days 10

    Reykjavik airport drop off - Home

    After breakfast, we packed our luggage and followed our bus to the airport, ending a perfect 10 days journey and heading home.

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    2. Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast / Lunch : None / Dinner : None
    3. Flight

Megestic Iceland 10 Days Tour


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